TLA is committed to the DfE Education Wellbeing Charter

The mental health and wellbeing of staff in education settings has always been important, but now more so than ever in the context of the pandemic and moving towards recovery. The Education Wellbeing Charter has been created by the Department for Education in collaboration with Ofsted and employers working in education to protect and promote the wellbeing of education staff. The Learning Alliance is proud to be a signatory of the charter and will work with our family of schools to place wellbeing and mental health at the heart of our decision making. We will support staff to make positive choices for their own wellbeing and encourage a collegiate culture across and between all roles in our schools.

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TLA is committed to being a Menopause Friendly Employer

The Trust is working towards accredited status as a Menopause Friendly Employer.

We are committed to pursuing the following aims:

  • To change mindsets and attitudes towards menopause. Making it as easy to talk about as the weather.
  • Everyone to understand what menopause is and be able to talk about it openly. This isn’t just an issue for women, everyone needs to know so they can support colleagues, friends and family.
  • Those experiencing menopause symptoms to feel confident to discuss it and ask for support if they need it to continue being happy and successful at work.
  • Managers to understand menopause, to confidently have good conversations, and know how to help.

Menopause Friendly Employer - Useful Resources


Staff Benefits - TLA Perks

The Learning Alliance has partnered with Sodexo to offer an employee benefits platform to TLA employees from September 2022. The benefits package includes discounts in retail, travel, gym memberships, cinema, and supermarkets, that staff can utilise at their convenience through the self-serve portal. We have an affordable technology offer on over 2000 items as well as Cycle2work, and we are working with Tusker to bring a sustainable car scheme to our benefits suite soon.

Our staff now have access to an employee assistance programme (EAP) with Care First. Care First is an independent and confidential counselling, help, and support service for employees. Through the platform we can help to provide telephone and face to face counselling, an online CBT therapist led programme, and offer a separate support service for managers. The helplines are available 24 hours a day and Care First has an online, real-time 'messenger style' 1:1 counselling model to meet the needs of our staff.

The EAP includes an Information Service that offers specialist support on a range of practical issues such as housing, taxes, consumer and debt, immigration, legal enquiries, and more. There are regular webinars to promote the EAP services and promote employee engagement. 

TLA Perks

TLA Perks