5 December 2022

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Knutsford Academy are thrilled to announce that they have opened their refurbished Sixth Form Centre to help support the ongoing growth in the Sixth Form and provide state of the art modern facilities for students to learn, study and socialise in. The refurbishment includes a new 80 seat study area with a suite of PC’s and additional desks for students who bring their own device to school such as a laptop or tablet. In addition, the existing common room was expanded to include raised bench seating, an upgraded kitchen servery and table seating for over 100 students. The refurbishment, which started in the summer holidays took just 15 weeks causing minimal disruption to staff and students. The new areas are of a very high standard and have been met with much excitement from the Sixth Form students.

James Whittaker, Headteacher commented, “We are extremely pleased with the high-quality refurbishment that has taken place. I believe that we are providing a University Level study facility for our students to use”.

Students were consulted throughout the design process which included splitting the study area into a ‘Silent Zone’ where students can work on their own and a ‘Quiet Zone’ where students can support each other in project work. Students have commented:

"It is wonderful to have our own space in a brand new Sixth Form environment. The spaces are really bright and beautiful and I will be able to complete my work in peace without any distractions.

"It is a huge improvement. Studying here will be amazing, especially because of the quiet and silent study spaces. It was all definitely worth the wait."

"I really love the new Sixth Form! The space is fresh and inviting and it makes me want to study. I am happy to go to a school where they want to invest in what is best for the students.

"I really appreciate having such a wide and professional study space in school because it has provided me with opportunities and space that some of my classmates would not have at home. I am very grateful for the hard work and good intentions the school has to provide the best for their students".

The school were also delighted to welcome over 300 guests at the Sixth Form Open Evening which took place on December 1st.