The school is commemorating its 130th anniversary by collating as many photographs, memorabilia and special memories as possible to showcase to pupils both past and present at their community event on Saturday 8th July…. can you help?

Egerton Primary School is 130 this year

The school holds a unique place in the heart of Knutsford’s community as a place of education, a link to the town’s history and of course Tatton Park. For over a century, thousands of local children have spent their childhood years at Egerton Primary School, which was founded by Wilbraham Egerton of Tatton Park in 1893 at its original site, which is now Egerton Place on Church Hill. Do you remember the school moving from this building to Bexton Road? Did you, your parents or grandparents attend the school, or did you work there?

Once an Egerton pupil, always an Egerton pupil!

Egerton Primary School’s Headteacher Alison Hooper is keen to hear from anyone and everyone who has had a connection with the school over the years. “Pupils hear me say this so often at school and I mean it; Once an Egerton pupil, always an Egerton pupil! We’d love to hear from you. We know that Egerton goes back a long way in some families, and we have pupils with us today whose parents, grandparents or great-grandparents came here. We’ve always been a family-oriented school and would love to gather as many people together as possible on 8th July to celebrate our special anniversary, but in the meantime, please share your memories and photos with us.”

Three ways to share your photos and memories:

On Facebook
The school has launched a Facebook page - @130YearsOfEgerton – where former pupils have already started to reminisce about their childhood and school days. 

Visit Knutsford Heritage Centre
A memory book is available to sign throughout the month of June in Knutsford Heritage Centre at 90a King Street. Why not call in and have a look through the book to see if you recognise a former classmate’s name? The Centre will also help Egerton curate the collection of items and photos to be displayed at their event on 8th July.  

Contact us directly
If you’d rather share your details and memories directly with the school, you can call in to the office on Bexton Road, phone 01565 213127 or send an email to