Safeguarding is the single most important responsibility of the trust. TLP will continue to place safeguarding at the heart of its work, both in terms of governance oversight and executive leadership and monitoring.

Strategic Direction for Safeguarding remains the responsibility of the Director of Safeguarding and School Improvement Co-ordination. This work will also be supported by the Director of Pupils (DOP). 

The trust also continues to ensure the centrality of safeguarding by maintaining a safeguarding link trustee role, which will continue to be occupied by the vice-chair of the trust. The key priorities and objectives for the year ahead are:

Priority     Target
Quality assuring safeguarding practice across the trust. To ensure safeguarding practice throughout the trust is robust and secure.
Sharing best practice in safeguarding within the trust. To facilitate the sharing of excellent safeguarding practice to strengthen all schools within the trust
Ensuring robust safer recruitment procedures are adhered to. Ensuring that recruitment processes comply with part 3 of KCSiE and that all schools and the trust adhere to these procedures at all times.
Ensuring we are best placed to meet emergent challenges (such as Harmful Sexual Behaviours and Online Safety). To ensure schools have effectively responded to this growing issue, which was only recently codified within KCSiE, and that all schools are exhibiting best practice in this area.
Supporting Trustees and local governors in effectively monitoring safeguarding practises in our schools. To ensure effective oversight of safeguarding at all levels of governance within the trust.